The territory of Sabina

Two and a half million olive trees, more than a thousand farms, two thousands years of experience in the production of high quality olive oil: this is Sabina.

Our olive groves stretch over more than one thousand square kilometres of hilly countryside, from the heart of Central Italy to Rome, across oak forests, historical abbeys and medieval villages.

The vocation of Sabina for olive oil production is rooted not only in ancient traditions, but also in solid paedoclimatic conditions: clay and limestone soil, prevalence of southern exposure, altitudes ranging from 200 to 500 metres above sea level, a temperate Mediterranean climate, characterised by the absence of temperature peaks and drought limited to the summer period.

In this ideal habitat, the hands of man have selected a wide range of olive varieties, a valuable resource of biodiversity, that the product specification of Sabina PDO identifies as a key feature in the characterization of our olive oil.


Some pictures of Sabina. (by Giorgio Pace)