Certified quality

The extra virgin olive oil Sabina is a "Protected Designation of Origin" with a product specification setting strict requirements to ensure quality, origin and authenticity, and establishing controls that must be made to prevent the marketing of poor quality products.

The Rome Chamber of Commerce, as the Public Control Authority, certifies compliance with the product specification in order to ensure the following: origin, processing and the final product.

The producer who intends selling olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO must be registered in an official list of growers and must submit, annually, to the Rome Chamber of Commerce a statement containing the quantity of olives produced and, after milling, ask for sampling of a lot of the olive oil that he intends to certify.

The oil sample taken undergoes physical and chemical analysis in the Rome Chamber of Commerce Laboratory and an organoleptic examination by an official panel. If all requirements are met, the Rome Chamber of Commerce issues a certificate of conformity.

Each container of extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO is unequivocally identified by a numbered label that allows you to trace the oil and to identify the olive grower, the oil mill and the production area through the "traceability" section on the website

Protection and Consumer safety

Panel Test performed by the Rome Chamber of Commerce

By the term "Panel Test" we mean the organoleptic evaluation of an oil carried out by a group of experienced and trained tasters, who verify the presence and intensity of particular aromatic notes and possible flaws. Ratings are given by a group of at least 8 registered tasters, currently belonging to an official list of Lazio Region (and formerly to the Ministry of Agriculture). The tasters, independently, express their opinion on the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. The EEC regulation n° 2568/91 and the following Reg.Ce.N.796/02 establish an evaluation method , elaborated by the IOC (International Olive Council). The rating includes, on an oriented segment , the perceived intensity of negative and positive attributes for each taster. In order to establish a common communication method between the tasters, there is a vocabulary of specific terms to distinguish pleasant sensations depending on the intensity with which they occur as well as unpleasant sensations. A PDO Sabina extra virgin olive oil, besides being absolutely free from flaws, must also own the typicality of Sabina oil and therefore give the good sensations established by the product specification given below.

The characteristics of Sabina PDO

  • Flavour: fruity, velvety smooth sweet aromatic, bitter and spicy for fresher oils.
  • Odour: fruity olive oil, notes of fresh grass and artichoke.
  • Color: yellow-green with golden tints.

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