Certification PDO SABINA

The Rome Chamber of Commerce, as the Public Authority Control, certifies conformity to the oil "Sabina" PDO registered within EU.

The grower who aims at trading olives for the production of olive oil "Sabina" PDO, in compliance with the Olive Groves registration list, must annually submit to the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, the statement of the olives produced and ask, after the milling, for a sampling of the lot to be certified.

The sampled oil is subjected to chemical – physical analysis by the Chemical Laboratory of the Rome Chamber of Commerce as well as to the organoleptic tasting by the tasting Panel.

In case of positive outcome of the chemical-physical analysis and organoleptic tasting, the Chamber of Commerce shall issue the certificate of conformity.

In case of a negative outcome of the chemical-physical analysis and organoleptic tasting, the producer may appeal according to the procedures provided by the law.

Summarizing, the method prescribed by the certification procedure for the "Sabina" PDO olive oil are the followings:

  • registration of olive land within the Olive Groves registration list;
  • registration of the processing plants within the Oil Mills List;
  • registration of the stored milled oil, with pending certification, in the Storage Warehouses List;
  • registration of the sites where the oil is bottled, after certification, within the Bottlers List;
  • communication from the olive grower of the olive harvesting and milling, with indication of the mill where they will be milled, to the Chamber of Commerce;
  • verification by the Certification Committee of the conformity of the label to be affixed on the packaging.