Protection and enhancement of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Protected Designation of Origin of Sabina

Extra Virgin Olive Oil SABINA PDO

In Italy, in the territories of Sabina, between Rome and Rieti, Sabina PDO olive oil is produced. This is an ancient olive oil obtained from a variety of olives, that include : la Carboncella, le Leccino, la Raja, le Frantoio, l'Olivastrone, l'Olivago, la Salviana et la Rosciola.

The Sabina PDO has a golden-yellow colour with green hues, its flavor is aromatic and its maximum acidity is 0.60%.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sabina PDO achieved "Protected Designation of Origin" status in 1996.

Its chemical, physical and organoleptic properties, as well as its entire production cycle, follow a precise product specification approved by the European Union and the Italian Government, and are monitored and protected by a Public Control Authority.

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